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Husband Arranges Men To Sleep With ‘Wife’ As A Means Of Survival: Family : Nigerialog.com - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum (131 views)

Husband Arranges Men To Sleep With ‘Wife’ As A Means Of Survival

By Adenosine (M)May 18, 2017, 08:41:04 AM

A 55 year-old man popularly called Baba Ojo has ar­ranged for men to sleep with his wife for survival in Gabodon, Suleja.

His wife identified as Aduni, 45, said that her hus­band who is her second husband, with whom she had been living together for five years suddenly asked her to be sleeping with men he has chosen for her so that they can survive.

“My husband whom we’ve been living together for five years suddenly dis­cussed with me one morn­ing that he would chose some men who I will be going to sleep with for us to survive since I can’t afford to take care of him and my home.

“He is always telling me that his friends are not do­ing anything and their wives have been solely responsible of their bills.

“For years now, my hus­band is not doing anything, I’ve been the one providing for the house. Now that my business has collapsed, he has chosen some men to sleep with me and they pay him the money; the least amount is N300 and the highest is N500.”

When asked if she is le­gally married, she disclosed that they are cohabitating, but people assume she’s le­gally married to him.

Contacted, Baba Ojo said, the issue is his personal business and if the wife does not feel comfortable with it, she has the right to leave to anywhere but assured her that no one would look at her direction.

Source BreakingTimes

Re: Husband Arranges Men To Sleep With ‘Wife’ As A Means Of Survival

By dayan (M)May 18, 2017, 06:26:47 PM
This is classical woman abuse or wife abuse, because this man has somehow convinced the woman that she is responsible for his upkeep. He is a lazy man, but blames his wife for his laziness.
The man is narcissistic.
Perhaps he is doing this thinking that he is not legally married to her, but the truth is that in the eyes of common law, they are married.
This is so because they have lived together for 5 years, but more importantly everybody who knows them see them as man and wife.
So, she is his de facto wife!

But what I found most baffling is that this man values his wife's "asset" between N300 and N500, which translates to about $0.78c and $1.31 per round of sex.
Unfreaking believable!  :o

Re: Husband Arranges Men To Sleep With ‘Wife’ As A Means Of Survival

By GideonMay 19, 2017, 12:44:14 PM
The woman will experience the repercussion of this immoral acts, the more, for these reasons...1. They are not officially married. No traditional marriage rites or court ceremony took place to confirm they are actually married,so when things go wrong,she will definitely be at disadvantage...2 The woman self esteem has become low and will remain low unless she stops being a slave to someone not her husband.

Re: Husband Arranges Men To Sleep With ‘Wife’ As A Means Of Survival

By Ramjoe (M)May 19, 2017, 02:37:59 PM
The woman is suffering because of her ignorance, blindness and silence... That man might be the devil's incarnate but she let him do all of these, in fact she is making him stronger.

This ain't love!

He's with her solely because of what he stands to gain. Free sex, free food, free this, free that...

In another news, doesn't this remind you of a certain country? Where politicians(like that man) think the treasury and whatever is in it (just like this woman and her food) belong to them and they also sell the citizens out to foreign investors(other men) to cheat and squeeze out whatever is left...

Nothing but wickedness... To see the suffering of others as a means of livelihood, to intentionally make others pay for your mistakes/laziness... Uh!

Malady of the highest level...

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