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Date: February 29, 2020, 06:37:32 AM


Eating every 15 minutes could cure infertility (Treat PCOS): Family : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Eating every 15 minutes could cure infertility (Treat PCOS)

By: dayan (M) |Time : June 11, 2019, 07:08:50 PM
A new dietary approach to cure infertility and treat PCOS has been developed by Norah Cozens, a Manchester based dietitian.

The dietitian’s approach is claimed to have helped more than 1,500 women who had struggled with getting pregnant to have babies of their own naturally.

The approach is based on the scientific fact that the body needs lots of energy to process and digest food.

When a person is chewing the food, the body uses energy to process the food, and once swallowed, the body needs more energy to digest it.

If the quantity of food taken is very small (really very small snack) the body cannot get enough energy from the food to digest it; therefore the body will burn some fat to complete the process.

The researcher then found that if a person eats small snacks every 15 minutes, the body will keep revving up, and winding down every 15 minutes, thereby burning lots of fats in the process.

The main finding was that once the women did this daily -taking three meals and then little snacks every 15 minutes- they lost weight naturally, and their hormones balanced enough for them to start having regular cycles and getting pregnant as a result. This was found to treat PCOS, and cure infertility naturally.

Cozens claims that 1,543 babies have been born in the 18 years that she has recorded this process with women.

“Amazingly, 97 out of the 100 volunteers who helped me develop my healthy eating plan for PCOS controlled their symptoms enough to get pregnant,” explains Cozens.

The rules

    1. On top of your three meals a day, have a mini “nibble” to boost metabolism every 15 minutes. Good choices are a piece of red pepper, celery, carrot, chicken, egg or flaked almonds. Portion size is a quarter of a 21mm x 24mm postage stamp. Prepare your mini bites each morning so they’re on hand. Aim for a minimum of four hours worth of nibbling (16 bite size snacks) over the day for successful weight loss.

    2. Avoid starchy foods . Until you’ve reached your target weight, avoid bread, pasta and rice altogether. You can eat rye crisp breads and rice cakes, but only potatoes with skin on. Eventually you can reintroduce carbs in moderation, but keeping them to a minimum is essential to the continuing management of PCOS.

    3. Only eat “real” food cooked from fresh produce. Ditch ready meals full of additives which can affect hormones.
    4. Buy organic foods where possible to avoid hormone-disrupting pesticides. Or wash fruit and veg in a mix of 12 parts water and one part vinegar to remove any surface residue.

    5. Eat three pieces of fruit a day. Kiwis and pears are ideal, vitamin-rich choices and have vegetables with every meal.

    6. Eat protein just before bed. You could have spoonful of cottage cheese or a stock cube-sized piece of chicken. This keeps your metabolism burning fat as you sleep.


‘After four weeks on the diet I had my first period in months’

Natalie Wilson, 26, is a cake maker from Hyde in Manchester.

She lives with her husband Jamie, 29, and their daughters Annabelle May, four, and Adalynn Eva, almost two.
“I started having PCOS symptoms at 16. My periods were agony.

I had terrible mood swings and gained weight very easily. I also grew hair all over my chest and face. It was awful.
By the time I was 19, some days I didn’t want to get out of bed, so I went to the doctor thinking I had depression.

Although I was overweight at 13½ stone and 5ft 6ins tall, I didn’t look huge so at first my GP didn’t even think of PCOS. But when everything else was ruled out, he sent me for a blood test and ovarian ultrasound and I was diagnosed.

I was given the contraceptive pill to ease my symptoms but it didn’t help much.

When my now-husband and I wanted to start a family a couple of years later, I came off the pill but couldn’t get pregnant.

I was referred to a specialist who told me I’d find it extremely difficult to conceive naturally and put me on the fertility treatment waiting list.

Meanwhile, I’d heard about Norah, who worked locally, and her success at treating PCOS, so I visited her and tried her diet.

Natalie Wilson, 26, with her daughters Annabelle May, four, and Adalynn Eva, almost two
Cutting out carbs was easier than I thought and all the mini snacks meant I wasn’t hungry. Also, I felt better eating real food – lots of chicken and fresh fruit and veg.

Even eating a tiny morsel every 15 minutes wasn’t hard – I set my phone alarm and managed to do it for about fours hours a day.

The transformation was incredible. After two weeks I had loads more energy, my mood levelled out and I’d lost seven pounds.

Within four weeks I’d had a normal period – my first in months.

Over the next few months I lost three and a half stone, my periods became regular and all my other PCOS symptoms – including the facial hair – eased.

Then, to our delight, I fell pregnant with Annabelle May who was born in May 2015. I couldn’t believe it – nor could my specialist.

I continued to see Norah to keep myself on track and went on to have our second daughter, Adalynn Eva, in July 2017.

I now know exactly what I have to do to control my symptoms and stick to the diet plan, so I can enjoy life with my husband and girls.

I feel so lucky and wish more women with PCOS knew that a simple diet could change everything.”

Re: Eating every 15 minutes could cure infertility (Treat PCOS)

By: alagbe003 (M) |Time : June 11, 2019, 07:26:06 PM
Naturapeutic medicine at it's best.

Re: Eating every 15 minutes could cure infertility (Treat PCOS)

By: dayan (M) |Time : June 11, 2019, 07:32:18 PM
This really ties into what should have been known by now, which is that "modernist" lifestyle is an unnatural lifestyle.
The way nature designed life and animal existence is not one of gluttony and "over-availability", but rather of scarcity and values for what is available.

Animals are not supposed to ALWAYS have and eat BIG foods. Part of the sacrifice to make as an animal is to go without food sometimes, and then eat when food is available.

Humans are supposed to "snack" on wild fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc in the natural open space of vegetation, rather than eating processed foods inside apartments.

So, if you think about it, this "finding" has always been apparent, but humans couldn't see it for obvious reasons.

I predict that more of these findings will be made in the future.

Re: Eating every 15 minutes could cure infertility (Treat PCOS)

By: Ramjoe (M) |Time : June 14, 2019, 04:50:38 PM
Naturapeutic medicine at it's best.

It's amazing how we've been killing ourselves thinking we're enjoying by piling up fat by taking food as if we've been sentenced to life in eating just because we have the money and we've got the food. People hear balanced diet but they hardly eat a balanced diet in two days of the week.

Just imagine how healthy the world will be if we maintain all these natural courses.

Re: Eating every 15 minutes could cure infertility (Treat PCOS)

By: princepoint |Time : June 17, 2019, 10:15:41 AM
People hear balanced diet but they hardly eat a balanced diet in two days of the week.



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