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Date: August 17, 2019, 12:21:28 PM


Christian men should marry more than one wife, no Bible verse is against polygamy – Pastor: Family : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Christian men should marry more than one wife, no Bible verse is against polygamy – Pastor

By: dayan (M) |Time : March 11, 2019, 08:54:33 PM
Rev Vincent Mulwa, a theologian and G.O of Christ Pilgrim Restoration Centre, Kenya, has come out to challenge the widely-held Christian doctrine that men should only marry one wife.


In an interview with Newsmen, Rev. Mulwa said Africans bought the world views of European missionaries who brought Christianity into Africa and abandoned polygamy, a practice that was rife even among the people who lived during biblical times.

Rev Mulwa said he wants Christian leaders to review teachings on monogamous marriages, claiming there is no verse in the Bible supporting it.

He says this is necessary to “save a generation of women who are ageing in church without husbands”.


Re: Christian men should marry more than one wife, no Bible verse is against polygamy – Pastor

By: dayan (M) |Time : March 11, 2019, 09:26:52 PM
The path of truth is always narrow and full of strife.

The pastor spoke the absolute truth, but some people (who may never have even studied the issue) will attack him for speaking that truth.

The Bible NEVER condemned polygamy as a practice. It condemned greed and lack of control that comes with "multiplication of wives" which is exactly what Solomon did when he amassed 700 wives and 300 concubines.
This is TOTALLY different from if a man marries two to 7 wives. One may call it a measure of degree, but even at that, God only frowned upon Solomon when one of his wives introduced him to the worship of Idol. God's interest in such things is that they never lead us astray, AKA worship of idols...

But I look at these things from an IGBO, AFRICAN "Child of God" perspective. Any child of God is drawn to the truth like a bee to a flower.

In the pre-colonial Igboland when men could marry more than one wife, there was unity in community. There was a spirit of sharing. There was more peace within families than there are today. Men grew up strong and developed leadership ability.
Children were brought up properly (with courage and strength rather than emotion and pamper).
The Igbo had no standing army, but were recorded by the early Europeans as warriors. Each time a need for war arose, ALL men of eligible age volunteered to go to war. It was a normal thing.
Each Igbo compound the Europeans saw in those days had a "war tower". The place was a land of warriors and knew how to keep their people (women and children) safe, because there was no effeminate emotionalism in the place.

Today, Igbo men cry like women at the slightest sense of oppression by others.
When some strangers rape their women in the bushes of Igboland, they only cry.
At the slightest strife, they cry "They are killing us!". And this is what ALL Igbo groups do these days, to the utter embarrassment of good students of history from that place.

Because of enforced monogamy, selfishness and wickedness have taken over Igboland.
Every man only knows his "wife and children". They have no sense of community, or group whatsoever. They only develop strength when they see their own relation progressing. Suddenly they can fight and even kill.
Monogamy has essentially destroyed Igboland.

The people that fought for Biafra were mainly from polygamous homes, because no father had time to pamper his kids in the real Igbo tradition that has been replaced by a fake one. The world is a tough place and emotionalism is no strategy to survive in it.

The Bible says that by their fruits you shall know them.

The fruits of monogamy in Igboland is that it "helps" the individual, but it destroys the community and the nation.
Anybody who wants to study the impact of monogamy on an otherwise strong nation, should head to Igboland. The place is a treasure-trove of facts that clearly shows the adverse effect of enforced monogamy on an African group.
One simple barometer: Wickedness and selfishness is increasing in leaps and bounds in Igboland!

I don't even think it is a European culture, but that would have to be researched by Europeans.
The system is simply unhealthy to Igboland.

I'm not advocating for an enforced polygyny either. I'm only saying that in Igboland prior to the advent of European colonialist, there was better community and societal cohesion, and practices that enhanced a people's sociocultural development and survival. Our people were deep and strong. Today they are shallow and weak.

The sooner Igbo people open their eyes the better.

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