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"My Husband Beats Me Endlessly" - Woman Reveals ...: Family : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum (74 views)

"My Husband Beats Me Endlessly" - Woman Reveals ...

By dayan (M)December 17, 2016, 08:07:29 PM
"My Husband Beats Me Endlessly" - Woman Who Started Dating At The Age Of 15 Reveals...

A 24-year-old woman, Aminat Ibrahim, has approached a Lagos Island Customary Court in Lagos State, for the dissolution of her seven-year-old marriage over constant battery.

The News Agency on Nigeria (NAN) reported that the mother of three pleaded with the court to dissolve her marriage to Moruf Ibrahim on the grounds that she could no longer withstand the beating she always received.

“The beating and maltreatment I am getting from my husband is too much for my age. “My husband and I started dating when I was 15-year-old when we met at his shop where I usually helped my mother to sell food.

“We got married when I got pregnant at age 16 in 2009, after I completed my secondary school education,” she told the court in tears.

Aminat said the marriage was blissful until when the beating began in 2011 after he brought his grandmother, who was seriously ill then to their one room apartment for her to nurse her.

“He beats me at any slight mistake, he is impatient, he does not consult me in any decision making on issues that concern our family. “He disregards and insults my parents at will.

“All our neighbours know him for his bully nature and avoided him. “On several occasions, he had beaten some of our neighbours that tried to intervene whenever he was beating me regardless of their age and gender.

“I have endured this marriage because of my three girls, but the beating is too much for my age, he beats me mercilessly,” she said.

The petitioner said that she had left her matrimonial home due to the constant abuse by her husband.

“I have left the house for him and now stays with my parents, I want a dissolution if he is not ready to change,” Aminat pleaded with the court.

Moruf in his response, however, did not deny the allegations by his wife.

He told the court that the petitioner always disobeyed his instructions which usually results in quarrels.

He said that: “Whenever I gave her specific instructions, she does not adhere to them, she likes to do her will.

“I take good care of her and the kids and I expect my wife’s respect and obedience,” he said.

Mr Awos Awosola, the court’s President, urged parents, especially mothers to stop sending their young girls to hawk thereby making them prey for men.

“You met her while hawking food for her mother, impregnated and married her; you have no value for her and beat her at any slight provocation. “You are a bully, the Law of Lagos State does not condone wife beaters,” he said.

Awosola admonished young girls to focus on their education and future.

“The institution of marriage is not something to be rushed into,” he said.

Mrs Opeyemi Olanrewaju, the court’s deputy president, said that a woman is a delicate creature to be loved and cherished and not to be battered or turned into a punching bag.

“You saw and married this woman as a young girl and you exploited that youthfulness and turned her into your mother’s last born to be corrected at will, she said.

Awosola ordered both parties to maintain peace and adjourned the case to December 22 for further hearing.

Re: "My Husband Beats Me Endlessly" - Woman Reveals ...

By dayan (M)December 17, 2016, 08:10:56 PM
“I have endured this marriage because of my three girls, but the beating is too much for my age, he beats me mercilessly,” she said.

Madam you don't need to divorce this animal of a husband; he just needs to go to jail for about 5 years, and when he comes out his senses will return. In jail he will be beaten to pulp by some men who are stronger than he, and when he come out, his entire worldview will change.
Men who beat their wives suffer from a specific type of mental retardation that can be cured by jail.  8)

Re: "My Husband Beats Me Endlessly" - Woman Reveals ...

By Adenosine (M)December 18, 2016, 04:54:29 PM
How dare you raise your hand on your wife, any man that beat his wife is an animal because ladies are to take of very well. I doubt if this man will change, this animal that even beat the neighbors. Best thing for this woman is to divorce this man if she is ready to stay long on this earth.

Re: "My Husband Beats Me Endlessly" - Woman Reveals ...

By naijarian (F)December 18, 2016, 10:12:04 PM
Madam. Pestle no dey your house,? You  no get pointy shoe,?

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