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Made-in-Nigeria Festival holds in Lagos: Events : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum (567 views)

Made-in-Nigeria Festival holds in Lagos

By y0ifcf (M)August 19, 2016, 07:24:27 AM
— 19th August 2016

The maiden edition of Made-In-Nigeria (MaIN) Festival has been scheduled to hold in Lagos from September 26 – October 1, 2016, at Eko Atlantic City, Victoria Island, Lagos.
The event, is an international festival of ideas, innovations and opportunities that will bring the world to Nigeria to explore and engage the best it has to offer – in five key sectors including power and infrastructure, agriculture, technology, manufacturing, sports and entertainment.

In a statement, the organisers explained that their objective is to enhance innovation and creativity, promote a buy-Nigeria culture, stimulate key growth sectors, create jobs as well as facilitate trade and investment across the five key sectors.

The initiative further seeks to renew the social contract between government and the private sector, and to also drive the establishment of a new order. In this regard, the initiators emphasised, that every Nigerian has a role to play and a responsibility to reignite the economy and improve the quality of Made-In-Nigeria products and services. With 14 engaging business and trade related events lined up, MaIN Festival, according to the organisers, promises to be invigorating.

It is open to all Nigerian brands and businesses providing products and services for the Nigerian market and is designed to create opportunities and foster networking as over 600 exhibitors comprising global brands and Nigeria’s biggest brands and businesses are expected.

The Expo covers over 22 sectors including key thematic areas like food and beverage, auto, healthcare, fashion and beauty, telecommunications, furniture, banking and finance.
The MaIN idea is a private sector-driven initiative that seeks to create a platform for the maximum expression of the true Nigerian spirit of creativity, enterprise and resilience, among others.

Re: Made-in-Nigeria Festival holds in Lagos

By y0ifcf (M)August 19, 2016, 07:25:42 AM
We can do it! ah ah!
I know the type of ingenuity I see in our people. If we unleash it, nobody can beat us!

Re: Made-in-Nigeria Festival holds in Lagos

By naijarian (F)August 19, 2016, 05:45:34 PM
We can do it! ah ah!
I know the type of ingenuity I see in our people. If we unleash it, nobody can beat us!
oh well. In as much as I think we as Nigerians can go all the way out to get things done, it is also safe to say that we also have this nonchalant attitude towards sticking to something.

Yes, we have started or we're about to go on a very worth while venture that can bring good results, but how far can we take it before making rubbish of it?

I'm not trying to rain on the parade or anything, it is just disheartening to look forward to something this nice in subsequent years, and the glory gets lost due to whatever silly reasons we always have.

I wish, oh I wish Nigerian can just say it, do it and mean it.

I'll be there though. As far as this moment goes, I'm going to bask in all its glory.

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