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Best ways to mask cannabis odor

By: Ramjoe (M) |Time : October 30, 2017, 06:25:21 AM
Sometimes it can be really tough to hide the odor of weed. Whether you’re in a dorm, an apartment, or a house, a clean smelling house should be important even for stoners. This article will provide a list of some good ways to help keep your body high and your house fresh.

Make an Odor Sploof

Also known as a doob tube, these can sometimes help and sometimes not do anything. But basically, if you don’t know what a sploof is, here’s how you can make one. Bear with me, the assembly is tough. Step 1, take a toilet paper roll and stuff a dryer sheet in one end. Step 2, take another dryer sheet and cover that same end of the toilet paper roll and keep it in place with a rubber band. And that’s it!

This is just one example of a sploof, but basically, anything similar can work. Being sure to make sure it’s airtight around your mouth, exhale the smoke through the roll and let it “strain” through the dryer sheets and out. As a tip, the shorter the “chamber” the better, as you’re looking to have as little free flowing smoke as possible when you blow through the sploof.

Cook (certain) Foods

So cooking is successful at masking many smells. But as we all know, weed is very potent. Cooking while/after smoking can be effective, but you’ll need to be cooking some strong stuff. Foods like garlic, onions, pepper, or really any potent herbs or vegetables should be effective at masking the smell. Sweeter things like baked goods tend to be too sweet, and the strong contrast of citrusy earth and diesel will almost always prevail as a stronger opponent.

Air Fresheners

Sounds too easy, right? But people have mutually agreed that higher-end air fresheners like Ozium and Febreze successfully get rid of weed odor! It may take a couple passes, but ask any experienced smoker. They’ll tell you that they always keep a can of Febreze close when the bud is burning.

Use an Air Purifier

This could prove to be a pricier solution depending on which type you invest in, but they do the trick. Designed to exactly what they need to for this article, these bad boys will quickly do away with weed odor in your living space. And no smoke means no smell. Problem solved! Now your angry neighbors don’t have any more complaints about second-hand highs from the smoke wafting out your windows.

Gold Bond!

Okay so this was stumbled upon randomly in a weed blog, and the idea couldn’t be ignored! While this may induce a brief coughing fit from inhaling powder, it can totally be understood how it might work. It’s pretty potent, menthol-y stuff, and it smells good! Apparently dispersing it around and putting a light dusting over the carpets can successfully mask weed smell entirely.

So those are some of the best methods on the web! Other more obvious methods such as proper ventilation and odor proof bags for bud storage should be mentioned, but these methods above work when actually smoking as well as avoiding ventilating the smoke for outsiders to be able to smell the odor.

One final method that is more natural is to keep potent plants outside that can combat the notable smells of weed. Plants like hibiscus, spearmint, and marigolds are just a few examples. Good luck, and if your parents ask, you didn’t find this advice here. But remember to tell them that it can cure cancer.

Original article by OldEagle 

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