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Date: March 21, 2019, 05:09:37 AM


Study Secrets You Must Apply To Boost Reading Habit As A Student: Education : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Study Secrets You Must Apply To Boost Reading Habit As A Student

By: princepoint |Time : April 16, 2018, 01:33:13 AM
Developing a good reading habit is not a rocket science thingy, most students finds it hard to develop a perfect reading habit, therefore study secrets will help you excel. Do you find it difficult to study, understand and retain what you have studied? These study secrets will go a long way helping you as a student.

Develop a good reading habit

There is not short-cut or magic involved when it comes to acquiring information except to read. Consistent reading habit is important to improve the brain’s ability and capacity. Exercising  your brain regularly through consistent reading is the key. Don’t let the fear of reading for hours discourage you, what matters is not how many hours you read a day but how often. Once you develop a good reading habit you will discover that reading is actually an enjoyable activity and you will start enjoying it.

Create a time table

Create a timetable and paste it where is it easily accessible, make sure that you stick to the scheduled time. You can choose to study for only 2 hours each day. I and half hour for reading and note making and 30 minutes for meditation. Buy an exercise book as you memory lane book. As you study, write down the important points in the book and also ask intelligent questions in class. It will save you time, stress and energy. During exam period, avoid reading your textbooks and instead do revision with the exercise book where all the vital points are. With fewer points to review and retain, you can easily remember them during exam.

Choose the best time to read

Everyone has a particular time frame they tend to read and easily understood everything. Some prefer early morning reading, some read during the day and some at night, some read as a group while some enjoy reading alone utilize any time frame that works for you and study more often during that period.

Do not hate any course

Granted, because of variation, individual differences, and some lecturer’s teaching method, some courses may be very easy to understand while others may not. But you doint have to hate a course because it is difficult or it’s principles has no application in your daily activities. The bitter truth is that the more hatred you have for a course the ore your likelihood of failing it. Any course you fail will be carried over next academic year.

Avoid distraction

This is one of the study secrets you need to imbibe. Do not let any activity interfere  with your study time, and try as much as possible to study in a quit environment with nothing to distract your attention like television shows, loud music, or any ongoing activity in the vicinity. Avoid studying when you are tired or weak. Try to sit upright while studying to avoid dozing off in the middle of your study. Always read when you are fully rested and your mind is sound, you will get the best out of your study and improve your reading habit.

Avoid the wrong type of food

The problem of finding it difficult to concentrate while reading may be increased by eating the wrong type of food on regular basis or before reading so avoid the wrong foods.

Eat foods that is good for the brain

There are natural foods that improves your brain power and helps your memory to assimilate more information while reading. Eating such type of foods are vital.

Having disclosed these study secrets, I earnestly wish you excel and improve your reading habits.


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