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Date: November 17, 2018, 01:56:44 AM


10 weird and strange cultures in the world: Culture : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


10 weird and strange cultures in the world

By: Gideon |Time : December 07, 2017, 12:23:13 AM
This planet of ours is full of people with weird and strange believe and culture that one will even need to ask if people like this do exist. Well, diversity is what makes up this world, and of course human tendency always lets us do things differently. Every Nation of the world has its own cultures and traditions which reflect in the thinking and way of living of the citizens.

Enjoy this top 10 list of jaw dropping cultures from around the world

10. Carrying wife on the Back

Here is the least weird of the 10, where the husband has to walk on a burning coals carrying his wife on his back. This is a very painful marriage ritual which is done in some parts of China after the wife enters the house for the first time. This is believed to to ease the wife during labor and also as support from the husband.

9. Shia Muslims

This is another weird cultures in Muslim communities. It is called “Mourning of Muharram” and it takes place on the death anniversary of Husayn Ibn Ali. In this day, different groups consisting of Shia Muslims go around with whips attached with knives and blades, some with knife and then start beating themselves up un-stoppably. Some people may even cut their own heads off with these knives. No matter how cruel this is, this tradition has been passed over to their descendants from generations and people in this community have been following this culture voluntarily.

8. Breast Ironing In Cameroon

 Breast ironing is the pounding and massaging of a pubescent girl’s breasts, using hot tools, to try to make them stop developing or to disappear. It is typically carried out by family members who are trying to protect the girl from sexual harassment and rape. They hope it will also prevent early pregnancy that would tarnish the family name, or to allow the girl to pursue education rather than be forced into early marriage. It is mostly practiced in parts of Cameroon, where boys and men may think that girls whose breasts have begun to grow are ready for sex. The most widely used implement for breast ironing is a wooden pestle normally used for pounding tubers. Other tools used include leaves, bananas, coconut shells, grinding stones, ladles, spatulas, and hammers heated over coals.

7. Crocodile Men

A tribe in Papua New Guinea Named Kaningara. Has a special way of of showing how strong they are. The young men design their bodies in a crocodile like pattern to show their courage and valor . According to them human being evolved from crocodiles, and through the bloody marks on their body they become closer to nature.

6. Pennis Festival

Kanamara Matsuri is The Festival of Steel Penis which takes place on the first Sunday of April each year. Japanese people celebrate fertility by holding the giant wooden phallus. They hoist that phallus into the air and then march across the town. It is believed that this celebration brings about regenerative abilities on the local crops and also ensures the fertility for everyone. It may appear to be an outlandish display of sexuality in public places, but many would argue that the openness of Kanamara Matsuri is healthy one which celebrated the ability to reproduce. During this festival, many Japanese go out with their children and happy go about giving them penis lollipop without sexualizing it in any way. Anyway, it will definitely astound you all knowing that there’s actually an entire festival in Japan dedicated to Penis.

5. Neck ring

This tradition is practiced in Thailand and African tribes. Brass rings are coiled around women's neck since 2 years of age. it gradually elongate the neck as they grow. In these tribes it is considered as sign of beauty.

4. Lip plate Women

To the outside world, a lip plate may be viewed as a form of body mutilation rather than body art but to a Mursi or Suri woman, Its is an expression of female maturity and a sign that she has reached child bearing age. Although this labial plates were also traditionally won by Suya men of Brazil, Sara women of Chad, the Makonde of Mozambique, and the Botocudo of coastal Brazil, the only tribes that still follow this tradition are the Mursi and Suri tribe of Ethiopia.

3. Vegetarian festival

In this strange culture of Thailand people walk around the town with many needles, knives or swords pierced in their whole body. It is believed that god appear in this people an prevent them from evil or bad luck.

2.  Walking Dead

Actually this is for fearless people. As funerals sometimes can be costly and intricate ceremonies, some families can’t afford an initial proper burial. As a result, they place the dead body in a temporary coffin. And when they are able to maintain the fund, the corpse is raised from the dead and walks to its new resting place. Afterlife is an important part of the religious beliefs of Torajah people.

1. Living with the dead

This is the most weird culture in the world. In most cultures the dead are buried or cremated within days of passing away, but Indonesia's Torajan people keep the bodies of their relatives to "live" at home with them, sometimes for years after their deaths. Providing corpses with their own rooms, they are washed and their clothes are regularly changed. Food and cigarettes are brought to them twice a day and they have a bowl in the corner that acts as their "toilet"

Re: 10 weird and strange cultures in the world

By: Gideon |Time : December 07, 2017, 12:25:14 AM
These are truly indeed very crazy and weird cultures adopted by humans. The last one is very crazy...

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