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Robbers Seal 89-yr-old Woman’s Mouth With Super Glue. : Crime : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum (17 views)

Robbers Seal 89-yr-old Woman’s Mouth With Super Glue.

By Adenosine (M)January 13, 2018, 01:44:48 AM
TWO suspects have been arrested by men of the Edo State Police Command for allegedly using super glue to seal the mouth of an 89 year 👩, Imasogbonre Enahoro, to prevent her for shouting for help.
The suspects also allegedly glued the mouth of her daughter, Marylyn Aj
A third suspect is said to be on the run.
They allegedly stormed Madam Enahoro residence on November 20 and first tied up their victims.

But when mother and daughter kept shouting for help,the unwanted guests decided to use super glue to shut them

After searching the house and finding no money the robbers made away with a Toyota Camry car which they drove  to Osun State.

Marylyn identified one of the suspects at the police headquarters as the person who slapped her mother and applied super glue to shut her mouth.

She said the incident happened at about 5pm and that it was her husband that eventually untied them on his return from work.

Kingsley, one of the suspects who claimed to be a student of the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, said it was Tosin that brought the robbery plan.

“When we got to Mama’s place, she had no money to give to us. Two of us were outside and Tosin went inside. We found only N7,200 inside the car.

“I did not know that this Mama’s mouth was glued because I waited outside. We have not sold the car. Tosin said he wants to use the car but we told him there is no way we can stay with him in Osun State. I couldn’t stay in his father’s house without doing anything.

 The car is still in Osun State.”
Police Commissioner, Babatunde Kokumo, said the suspects would soon be charged to court.


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