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Groom Kills Man Attempting To Rape His Bride In Jigawa : Crime : Nigerialog.com - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum (48 views)

Groom Kills Man Attempting To Rape His Bride In Jigawa

By GideonApril 21, 2017, 11:59:24 AM
The police in Jigawa State have arrested one Dahiru Adamu 25, of Agufa village in Miga Local Government Area for killing, one Ishak Sa’ed, who allegedly trespassed into his house with the intention to rape his bride.
Adamu ambushed his victim when he came round for the fourth time in four days allegedly with the intention to rape his bride.
The state police spokesman, SP Abdul Jinjiri, told the Daily Trust that Adamu hit his victim with a stick and that he died after undergoing some treatment.
Jinjiri said the accused was at present in police custody undergoing interrogation.
The accused said by tradition in their community, marriage ceremony lasts for about a week, adding that during the period, the friends of the bride usually stayed with her until the ceremony ended.
The accused said it was during this period that the suspected rapist visited his house located at the outskirts of the village on four occasions with an intention to rape his bride.
“When he (rapist) came for the fourth day with a plan to perfect his ulterior motive, I ambushed him and attacked him using a stick. I hit him twice on his back and his leg,” he admitted.
In another incident, the police in the state have arrested one Mohammed Sabitu, 25, for allegedly killing a Fulani woman, whom he accused to be among the people that destroyed his farms.
Command spokesman, SP Abdul Jinjiri, said the accused was on his farm at the outskirts of his village, Bula, in Taura Local Government Area, when he saw the woman and descended on her because she was Fulani, an ethnic group he had been accusing of destroying his farmlands.
He added that the suspect used his hoe to hit her, leading to serious injuries.
The command’s PPRO said the woman died before she could be rushed to the hospital.
But the accused said he killed the woman in self-defence. He alleged that she pounced on him and that out of fear, he defended himself by hitting her with his hoe.
The accused said he did not hit her with the intention to kill her.
On whether he had grudges against the woman, the accused said he bore no grudges against any ethnic group.
“The woman was destined to die in such a circumstance. I did not hit her with the intension to kill her. It was the work of the devil,” he said.

Re: Groom Kills Man Attempting To Rape His Bride In Jigawa

By Ramjoe (M)April 21, 2017, 05:23:47 PM

All of them are "got"...

Fear! Anger! Death!

Same to same...

Re: Groom Kills Man Attempting To Rape His Bride In Jigawa

By dayan (M)April 21, 2017, 06:14:43 PM
The rapist will finally rest, since he couldn't stop trying to rape this bride. Too many strange folks out there mehn.

Re: Groom Kills Man Attempting To Rape His Bride In Jigawa

By Adenosine (M)April 21, 2017, 07:12:38 PM
Can't blame the man for what he did to the man, how will you enter where the owner never enter(maybe). I wonder what is gonna be the fate of this man because of this.

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