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Date: July 24, 2019, 06:07:31 AM


Top Guide You Need When Buying A Phone: Computers/Specs : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


Top Guide You Need When Buying A Phone

By: princepoint |Time : June 08, 2017, 10:48:04 AM
Some of us might have come across companies, which sells phones that are maid by fake phones manufacturers. And this phones which we buy will look exactly 99.8% as the original, and unknowingly to some people they will think it's the real product of the phones they want to buy, so the buyer gets tricked because of the cost price of the phone is lower than the original product.

I have also met some of my friends who have fall victim to buying fake phones for cheaper amounts and they rejoice not knowing that they have bought the fake version of the phone and later-on, they will begin to discover all the features that are not available but are fully available in the real/original product.

These fake products usually have nice and beautiful casings to convince the buyer to buy them, and after buying it, the buyer will start encountering problems like: low memory space, poor camera pixel(phone camera might not be good enough), low RAM(random access memory) and more issues to be generated while using the phone.
So for those who wants to get phones but afraid of getting the wrong one, my dear breath in, this post is for you.

How To Identify Original Phones When Buying

Dial *#06# for all types of phone

A number will display on your phone screen
All Nokia, symbian and other phones in line with each other, will display serial number.

While other phones like: China phones, Android, i-phone etc.will display IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identities).

> NOTE: The things that displays involves:

1) The number must begin with 35, except i-phones which must start with 01.
2) Make sure the numbers are up to 15 digits.
3) Finally, make sure that the numbers that are displayed is the same with the one at the back of your phone battery side.

> Additional option for Android phones

Dial *#*#4636#*#*
Things displayed involves: (Phone Information, Battery Information, User Statistics, Wifi Statistics)


Check out the RAM(Randow Access Memory), make sure it's up to 1gb and above if not, you will start discovering problems like:
- Phone seizing
- Inability to run some apps and others.

Location- Settings> App> Running apps> You view it there


Also make sure you take a close look at the battery voltage before buying, although this one in particular is not that important cause, it might be written but it's not really capable. So if
you have good/strong battery, it's good choice but, note that you can always get an original one else where.

Location- At the Back of the Battery Or On the Phone Pack Or You can also use this number( *#*#4636#*#*)


Camera also is not that important for some but, you should also check the camera practically and not only reading its details. As i said before anything can be written but the system is not really capable.

Camera Location- Phone Home Screen Or At the Phone Menu.


This one, as we all know is used for transferring files, songs, images, videos and others. Although, android and other top smart phone users are now used to using app like: Flash-share, Xender, Hotspot and other sharing apps around, no one has time for bluetooth but you will need it cause, not all phones can relate with other using the above listed app, phones like; Windows to Android, blackberry to Android and more. So, make sure you check it out before buying a phone cause, bluetooth will be useful in such cases.

Bluetooth Location- At phone drop-down menu Or Goto> Settings>Bluetooth


Phone inbute storage is another issue you should make sure you check it very closely before buying a phone, you should always look up to buying a phone with 4GB to 32GB inbut storage so that you won't be have Low Storage Space(LSS) problem.

Storage Location- Goto> Settings> Storage Or File-manager


speaker is not really important cause you can make use your head-set for Calls and Musics, but in some cases whereby head-sets are not available, it can before helpful. So make sure it's intact.

Test- Goto> Setting> Notifications/Rind-tones> then Play a ringing tone Or Make An Imagency Call.

With these guides, you can now boldly go to any company of your choice and buy any phone you like.


I will so much appreciate if you leave a comment on this post and also if you have any additional information, you can as well share. Thanks and God bless.

From: Coolhubs

Re: Top Guide You Need When Buying A Phone

By: Gideon |Time : June 14, 2017, 09:52:09 PM
These are good tips.. Personally I will go to office of real branded phone companies e.g Samsung,LG etc and buy... Buying phones at roadside stalls or shops is not ok.

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