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Date: July 16, 2020, 03:05:17 PM


10 Hidden Features In Google Chrome You Didn't Know About: Computers/Specs : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


10 Hidden Features In Google Chrome You Didn't Know About

By: princepoint |Time : July 25, 2017, 08:10:57 AM

Chrome is a standout amongst the most used Internet browsers because of its speed and effortlessness. Regardless of the possibility that you are using this great browser for a long time, there are numerous little things about this browser that you may not know.

In this post I will share the top 10 hidden chrome tips and tricks that will improve your profitability and makes your web perusing knowledge more user friendly.

Top Chrome Tips and Tricks

1. Clear Cache and Hard Reload:

Many a times, we have to clear the cache to see the updated content.

Browsers save a few documents like pictures, CSS, JavaScript,etc locally to use them again and This enhances page loading speed yet the user does not get the updated content. In request to hard reload and clear the cache , you have to open the developer options(either by tapping F12 or right clicking and choosing Inspect ). At the point when Developer Options are opened in chrome, right tapping the normal reload button enables two additional options– Hard Reload , clear cache and Hard Reload .

2. Use Chrome as Media player and Image viewer:

 If you have a video or audio record that is not good with your media player, you can attempt to open it with chrome browser. Chrome browser can play practically every video format. Simply drag your multimedia documents and drop them on chrome, it will begin playing immediately. chrome also has another extraordinary feature. On the off chance that you are using Chrome Cast to cast videos and images to your TV, you can play files with chrome and after that, cast the whole tab to your TV. You needn't bother with any extra software to do this.

3. Chrome's Inbuilt Task Manager:

Like Windows PC, Chrome additionally has Task manager which shows the presently opened tabs and other background exercises with their CPU and memory usage. This can help in such circumstances when chrome is gobbling up parcel of RAM and you are not aware of which program is causing the issues.

You can open task manager by tapping on the three spot menu on the upper right corner, choosing More tools and after that Task manager . It can likewise be opened by right clicking anyplace on the empty area in tab menu and choosing Task manager.

4. Re-open the inadvertently shut tabs:

 This is one of the most essential feature in this list. Many time we close the tabs unintentionally. Simply press Ctrl Shift T to reestablish the shut tab. This likewise applies to numerous tabs. Continue pressing Ctrl Shift Tto open your last shut tabs one after the other.

5. Ctrl Enter: Pressing Ctrl Enter will append the WWW also,.com to the text you have written in the address bar. It will additionally open the created URL automatically.

6.Reverse Image Search:

Google Reverse Image search enables you to upload a photo and afterward, it shows the pictures similar to that on the Internet.

Right Click on any picture and select Search Google for picture to perform Reverse Image search.

7. Ctrl L :

Pressing Ctrl L will move the cursor to address bar with entire text selected.

8. Chrome Data Saver:

If you are using a limited data plan, you can use Chrome's Data Saver augmentation to save some additional data. It works great and you can track how much data you are using on various sites, also the data you are saving.

9. Pin Tabs :

There are a few sites that you every now and again use and need to keep them open all the time. In such cases, Chrome's Pin Tab feature can be exceptionally useful.

Right Click on the tab that you need to pin and select Pin tab.

When you make a tab pinned, it moves to the extreme left. Likewise the close button on the pinned tab disappears with the goal that you can't coincidentally close the tab. Pinned tabs remain opened notwithstanding when you restart your browser.

10. Use Chrome as notebook:

Suppose you are researching on a subject and need to take a few brief notes. You needn't bother with opening the notebook for this reason. Simply type    data:text/
in the address bar and the tab will transform into a notebook. When you type this a couple of times, at that point simply type the initials and chrome will show to you the full code.

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Re: 10 Hidden Features In Google Chrome You Didn't Know About

By: alagbe003 (M) |Time : July 29, 2017, 05:10:58 PM
Never knew that chrome is this loaded.

Re: 10 Hidden Features In Google Chrome You Didn't Know About

By: Gideon |Time : July 30, 2017, 02:56:46 PM
I always love chrome browser... The features outlined here are cool and useful... I shall take out time to test the features... 8)

Re: 10 Hidden Features In Google Chrome You Didn't Know About

By: princepoint |Time : August 01, 2017, 02:52:11 AM
love chrome it load faster And help reduce data usage

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