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Getting the most out of office hours

By: Gideon |Time : May 05, 2018, 01:33:05 AM
Work hours are supposed to be productive, giving time for other activities when work ends. The habit of taking work home is not healthy.
Most people spend almost half their day at work and seem to achieve little or nothing. To get the most out of your working hours, you should:
Make a list of tasks every day. This helps you to see the big picture, and you can have an aim. Besides, crossing those tasks off is very satisfying.

Set important meetings in the morning, when you are most alert. You will be better able to come up with fresh ideas.

Start with the more difficult tasks and work your way down in decreasing order of difficulty. You will get a lot more done that way without the temptation to procrastinate.

Always finish one task before the next. You can accomplish more this way.

Take breaks. Your attention will lag if you are tired. You should take breaks to unwind and eat if necessary.

Delegate the tasks to other people when they are more than you can handle. Delegation makes you free to handle the important work while promoting teamwork and boosting the confidence of the people that work with you.

Re: Getting the most out of office hours

By: Gideon |Time : May 05, 2018, 01:42:48 AM
Office hours should be a time to get busy and productive. The tips stated here can help in making office hours productive.

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