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Date: November 30, 2020, 11:18:12 AM


10 Things A Graduate Should Do While Waiting For A Good Job Offer: Career : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


10 Things A Graduate Should Do While Waiting For A Good Job Offer

By: Gideon |Time : February 01, 2017, 06:06:46 PM
The road to career fulfillment as a graduate is different for many. We may have big dreams, but things may not pan out the way we want them. For those who find themselves on the receiving end of reality, no hope is lost.
Waiting for the job we desire does not mean we have to wait idly… There are always things we can do to maximize the time we have on our hands.
In the light of this, I have decided to share ten things you can do while waiting for that dream job.
Much respect to the teaching profession, but this is one job that is readily available anywhere. There are many schools around Nigeria just starting out and looking for teachers.
Most times the pay is low for these schools. Take a stroll around your area and apply for teaching roles. Of course, teaching is a lucrative profession when you’ve got some experience and can deliver the goods. If you have good level of experience you can apply to standard ones such as Corona Schools, Chrisland Schools, Turkish School
Home lessons/Tutorials
Are you good with children? Do you enjoy impacting knowledge then home lessons are perfect for you? I know someone who makes over N100, 000 monthly from home lessons. However, trust me when I say he is good at what he does. It has its own set of peculiar challenges but can be a lucrative side job. If you can’t get kids from rich homes, try applying on
You can teach online too on and
There’s a lot of money on the internet. Freelancing is one way to tap into this gold stream. So if you’re good at writing (I mean excellent), then you may end up taking freelancing as a career itself.
Why? Because it pays and pays well. Same applies to graphic designers, web developers, programmers. Your skill is a money-spinner if you’re a genius at it.
Register on Freelancer, Fiverr, Elance, upwork, Belance, Nairalance, Pushnaira, Freeciti, Contentmart, vrtsk, even on Nairaland and earn some money from home
Learn a skill
The world today is more about what you can do with what you know. Many people know things; few people can actually do them. Instead of doing nothing, learn a new skill. Baking, sewing, writing, welding, graphics/web design, etc. Just learn something new related to your career path.
If you’re into social media, then you can start a blog. Choose a niche and generate useful content for it. Blog for fun, write short stories, open an online diary. You never know, that blog could be a plus on your CV the day you apply for a Content Strategist or Digital Marketing role at a firm.
Click here and own a blog today for just 350/month
Take an online course
Similar to learning a skill. Take online courses when you can. It is your duty to educate and re-educate yourself. There are free courses online some of which come with valid certificates. IFP MOOC is one of them.
Also, check out Educations Macaranta Udemy, Lynda, Coursera, Alison Shaw Academy Sijison Training, Sijison Educational, Nigeria Training Courses, Nigeria Training Network and CodeAcademy for more.
Join the family business
Often times, some of us have a ‘family business.’ This can be a provision store, a restaurant or a construction firm. You can join in this business to learn a thing or two. Valuable life and career lessons can come from there too. Don’t forget we have business families on online forums like Quora and Nairaland, join one today.
Study past questions
For a recent NYSC leaver, it’s not out of place to finish every past job question you come across. Practice them until you can solve them in your sleep. Being good at these tests increases your chance of getting to the next stage and getting the job.
You can practice online too, on Learning Indicator Indiabix, SHL SHL direct
Be active in church
Of course am smart, but my secret of success has always been God. Be active in God’s Courts. Not just in church but also in any group you find yourself (like a book club). This does not mean it you stop doing so when you get what you want. It’s more about being useful wherever you find yourself. Better to spend that extra time being a blessing than spectating.
People often ask where they can see volunteer opportunities. I say they have to search harder. For example, the sickle cell foundation has a volunteer program open to the public. While writing this post, I also saw that of Foodbank. There are other causes around if you look well enough.
In conclusion, avoid being idle while waiting for the next job invitation. You to make good use of the time available while keeping one eye on your goal. In the famous words of Dick Dastardly,” Don’t just stand there, Do something.”

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Re: 10 Things A Graduate Should Do While Waiting For A Good Job Offer

By: alagbe003 (M) |Time : February 01, 2017, 06:47:09 PM
Good tip coming on the first day of the month.

Re: 10 Things A Graduate Should Do While Waiting For A Good Job Offer

By: Adenosine (M) |Time : February 01, 2017, 09:43:55 PM
There is no point you can ignore in this write up, the best job to embark on now is freelance work if you are creative and have the required skills because it pays and you do everything at your own convenient time in your room.

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