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Date: January 17, 2020, 10:29:01 PM


5 Tips On How To Write A Catchy Slogan: Business : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


5 Tips On How To Write A Catchy Slogan

By: Ramjoe (M) |Time : March 25, 2019, 06:43:34 AM
If you’re here, then you probably already know what a slogan is, but indulge me. A slogan is a short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising or representing your brand.

 The point of a slogan isn’t just to keep your brand in the mind of your target audience but to also differentiate your brand from Competitors.

Example: “finger-lickin' good.”  KFC

Thinking of a slogan can be mentally exhausting but here are five tips that can help ease the burden.


A backronym for “Keep It Simple Stupid”. One very interesting thing about the most popular slogans is their simplicity. Simplicity makes it easy to remember.

What you should also want to achieve with your slogan is creating something that stays in the mind of your target market.

“Tales from the Attic” although a very simple and straight forward slogan, the word “Attic” isn’t something you use everyday and most people may not even know what it means.

An example of a K.I.S.S slogan is Nike “Just Do It”, this is the most popular slogan in the world for this reason.

Market U.S.P

Any product or business should have a USP (unique selling point). This is what sets you apart from your competitor and should be embedded in your slogan.

An example of a slogan that followed the first rule but also included a USP is Walmart “Save Money Live Better”.

See, no long stories or theatrics. You could say “We sell the right products” but needed to tell everyone that they were the biggest retail store in the world by addressing the issue of customer sensitivity to price.

Secondly, that they sold their goods at a cheaper rate than other retail stores so purchasing from them saved money. What better slogan than below?

Go Classic and Timeless

The mistake amongst new brand is that they try to coin slogans from trends.

While that usually attracts people initially, trends fade and so does the slogan.

When creating your slogan or brand, always aim for longevity.

A good example is Airtel’s Ad Series – Life Evolves, so should you?

Another example: Subway “Eat Fresh”

Subway is a fast food restaurant. Eat fresh is your everyday word that wouldn’t phase out decades later, its classic, Simple and they also included their USP knowing the bad reputation Fast Foods have.

Lure Your Target Market

Understanding your target market is crucial when creating a slogan. In fact, it is everything.

If your brand is about kids then include words popular with their demographic. You honestly don’t want to use a slogan that says, “Life Evolves” even if the product is a toy astronaut.

You use words like hero, super, etc.

Use words that would instantly capture the attention of your target market. A perfect example of a slogan that embodies all four tips is Jaguar – “Grace…Space…Pace”


Your slogan is supposed to convey a message or invoke a certain type of reaction. The only way to know if it’s done its job is through feedback.

Put it out there, let extra pair of eyes look at them, read it to people and based on your feedback, review all of the above points to see where you missed the mark.

I hope these tips are helpful. Good luck with creating your Slogan.

In fact, show your creativity.

Create some slogans for the brands above in the comment session let’s see who gets the most likes.


Ady - Loveprob

Re: 5 Tips On How To Write A Catchy Slogan

By: alagbe003 (M) |Time : March 25, 2019, 07:18:56 AM
People are on a fast lane in this 21st century, that's where slogan comes in. A good slogan can serve as a means of advertisement.

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