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5 businesses you can start with N20,000 in 2017: Business : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum (211 views)

5 businesses you can start with N20,000 in 2017

By alagbe003 (M)January 02, 2017, 02:00:42 PM
WELCOME to the New Year. As today is the first day of the year, there is a chance to begin afresh, especially as it relates to ensuring that the recession doesn’t take its toll on limited income. After a market survey, Sunday Tribune highlights five businesses to choose from in the New Year with as low as N20,000.

Cleaning services
After much anticipation, the heat wave finally gave way to the harmattan season. For many homes, the season does not just bring with it frequent bouts of cold and catarrh but the attendant winds seem to have taken over by coating all available surfaces with dust. And dust, especially in harsh harmattan weather such as this, requires regular cleaning. This could also be a good season for those intending to go into the rug cleaning business. For people looking into providing cleaning services, N20,000 should be more than enough to cover the cost of household cleaning products. Reach out to colleagues, friends and even extended family members – especially those who know the value of paying for a relative’s services. If you’re too busy but have the contacts and the cash to spare, start a small outfit with a few cleaners available within and outside your domain. Outside cleaning services, you can sell household cleaning products, especially those that target dust. With the need to dust surfaces almost on a daily basis, the only challenge would be keeping up with the increased demand.


School and office supplies

Stock up on writing materials, lunch boxes and bags, napkins, among other small items. With the current economic situation, and the recent festive season, it is a given that not many parents/guardians would have remembered to buy these items, and will want to patronise the next available shop. If you can get a few school bags too, then by all means add it to the stock. You may not even need the shop per se; a car trunk or even your room would be fine. Office environments also provide a veritable market for the stationery business. There are customers available in religious centres, at the workplace and even at family gatherings. Begin with a few packets of stationery products but always remember to stock up when you’re running low.


Cooking oil

Be it groundnut oil or palm oil, nearly every Nigerian home, more or less, needs cooking oil. With N20,000, and at the right market, you can buy a few jerry cans of cooking oil. Palm oil is a better alternative for the business because there are already so many options available for groundnut oil, both locally made and imported. However, palm oil is available in local markets and even at better quality in rural areas, provided you’re ready to make the commitment. Even for those with full-time jobs, you can dedicate an off day to going for your supply. You can even make an arrangement with your local dealer to have the product transported to your base in the city. Cooking oil is usually a guarantee for huge profit.


Food delivery

It is no longer news that many workers hardly find time to actually prepare home-cooked meals, not with the rise in the prices of food items and even the cost of kerosene. So, if you have the time – and you’re a great cook – offer food delivery services. You could focus on major meals like chicken/meat/fish stew or soups. You have a ready market in single workers, students, and even married people. There are married people living single as a result of work who can be your customers. Married women even may also be interested. After all, your signature is not written in black and white on the dish. What better way to make money than with something you actually enjoy.


Fast food

Many people assume that setting up a fast food outfit requires hundreds of thousands, or even millions of naira. Truth is, the major items you’ll need are already available – oven/air fryer, frying pan, gas cooker/stove. However, to maximise quality, restrict fast food to one major item. Only if you can, then add a few other foods. The major investment you need to make is on a very durable oven. You can focus on making and selling hot dogs, shawarma, French fries, fried meat, fried yam, or even noodles in take-away packs. If you have the time, make it into a mobile fast food court.

Re: 5 businesses you can start with N20,000 in 2017

By Adenosine (M)January 02, 2017, 05:14:04 PM
These are great insight, all the points are crucial but have thought about that cleaning before with a friend when we were submitting the cv to company's then. The idea is just for to get about 50 client and I can guarantee you, your take home won't be less than 50k and you will going  there twice in week (mind you, you won't be the one that will be cleaning). The idea is great, you can try it out.

Re: 5 businesses you can start with N20,000 in 2017

By GideonJanuary 02, 2017, 07:33:00 PM
Good business ideas especially the last one!!... The fast food business can be packaged well to bring in more customers and more money.. If one is a good cook especially in preparing shawarma and some special snacks and foods,..more money this year for that individual.

Re: 5 businesses you can start with N20,000 in 2017

By alagbe003 (M)January 02, 2017, 10:14:23 PM
The year is still very new. One can easily pick a business idea now and follow it through to achieve the desired result before the year runs out. Perseverance and diligence is required for any business to succeed.

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