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12 Things to do before trading.

By: princepoint |Time : May 03, 2018, 04:09:07 AM
12 Things to do before trading.

Trading is one of the legal ways to make an extra return on investments. One of the reasons that investors are also looking beyond the conventional investment such as stocks options cdfs forex cryptocurrency is because it yields returns within the time frame when analyzed and predicted correctly.

1.    Keep learning and educating yourself.
2.    Treat futures trading a job, not hobby.
3.    Only trade money you can lose
4.    A trader should always have a plan
5.    Be patient and learn to control your emotions
6.    Discipline- don't trade when you are emotionally or
Psychologically down or depressed
7.     Keep Up-To-Date with Forex, options News
8.    Follow trends but don’t forget no trend last forever
9.    Know your Trading Times
10.    Bankroll management very important
11.    Know your brokers
12.    Accepting your losses and focus on the trading plan

Re: 12 Things to do before trading.

By: princepoint |Time : May 03, 2018, 10:38:29 PM
don't let greed take over your account trying to revenge the market will only make you frustrated  and you will lose all your investment

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