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Check out these beautiful Nigerian girls from the middle belt (Photos): Beauty : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum (403 views)

Check out these beautiful Nigerian girls from the middle belt (Photos)

By dayan (M)August 24, 2016, 08:27:21 PM

Nigeria has a large number of ethnic groups; the focus of this article would be mainly on those minority ethnic groups that could be found in the central region of Nigeria as they stretch across the country longitudinally.

There are so many beautiful ladies from the central northern part of Nigeria. People who are not from this geographical region may not be able to tell the difference between the ladies found in this region from those found in the other northern part of the country.

People in this country cannot tell the difference between the ladies who come from the main northern parts and those found in the middle belt. All the girls from these parts of the country are simply referred to as Hausa girls. There are lots of ethnic groups in this geographical region but for the purpose of this article, we would be focusing on the ladies from Plateau state and those from the southern part of Kaduna.

In truth, the ladies from the northern part of Nigeria are naturally beautiful; recall that we did a comparison between the Fulani ladies and Igbo ladies some weeks ago. This piece is not comparing the beautiful Nigerian ladies from this part. Instead, it is to help you tell the difference and also bring them to the spotlight.

This post will help you to recognize the ladies from these two main parts judging by their looks and physical attributes. Even though they are all referred to as northerners, they are unique in their own ways too. It is normal for them to share similarities with the Hausa-Fulanis the same way someone from the south-south can be classified as an Igbo man or woman.

Find below some pictures of the beautiful Nigerian ladies from the middle belt:

Definitely different from all the girls we see on loud makeup.

The ladies from this region are cool; they obviously do not need much makeup to enhance their looks.

3. Still on the matter…

By now you should have formed your own opinion about ladies from these parts of Nigeria.

4. Endowed…

After seeing the pictures of these ladies, you would probably reduce the kind of hype you give the fair skinned ladies in Nigeria. These ones are truly beautiful, modest and with good shapes. What more do you want?

5. Caption it yourself

Simply beautiful.

6. Gorgeous

Most of these pretty ladies are also modest. They understand what it means to do things with caution.

7. Black is beautiful

What do you have to say to this? It is quite exceptional.

8. Nice…

We honestly cannot get over these girls….

10. Plateau-Jos ladies all the way…

We hope you would be able to identify ladies from these parts of Nigeria after going through pictures. The dark ones are pretty, the fair ones are also beautiful. The next time you are in that part of the country, you can be on the look out for them. You may find a bride there. Lol.

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