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Date: July 13, 2020, 11:36:09 AM


These Are Toyota Camry Facts You May Not Know – A Peek Into The Unknown: Autos : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


These Are Toyota Camry Facts You May Not Know – A Peek Into The Unknown

By: princepoint |Time : August 03, 2018, 07:49:29 PM
Toyota can best be described as cars made especially for Nigeria and Nigerians, this is due to its inbuilt and how well it can weather our bad roads. As popular as this brand is in Nigeria especially the Camry, not many people know some unique facts about. The best of Toyota, The Toyota Camry has garnered a lot of success through the years. Be it the car buyers or the car experts; the reviews have always been positive. The true blend of the beauty and the beasty, Toyota Camry is by far the best selling sedan model across the globe. Being a car enthusiast the Toyota Camry facts would expand your knowledge base to a great extent.

Read on to know about the interesting facts that make the Toyota Camry what it is today.

Five Toyota Camry Facts You Should Know

The leading global green brand, Toyota has been selling the Toyota Camry since its launch in 1982. The Camry model has managed to gather success and attract a title of second “World car” after Corolla. There is a lot more, that makes the Camry model unique in every aspect possible. Have a look at some such facts below.

1. The Naming Convention
The “Camry” is an Anglicized phonetic transcription of a Japanese word, “Kanmuri,” i.e., crown, thus the name Toyota Camry. This reason behind this name is the Toyota’s custom of naming its primary models to signify a crown.

2. The Open Source Infotainment System

Toyota Camry model 2018 becomes the first model in the Toyota lineup to incorporate an open-source infotainment system. The system would run on Linux platform making code for designing the system highly accessible. The open source system eliminates the need to build an isolated infotainment system.

Rather, a base code is provided that needs to be further working to build a unique system. The designing of the entertainment software and hardware would become a lot easier. Now that is one of the most interesting Toyota Camry facts.

3. Head up Display
Want to feel like a fighter pilot? The 2018 Toyota Camry make you be one. The Toyota Camry offers the drivers, an opportunity to drive the midsized sedan that makes them feel no less than a pilot. The model incorporates a 10-inch unit that displays any vital information you would want to know.

Be it the navigation directions or the speed readings; you would not have to roll over your eyes. The information would be displayed on the head-up display helping you concentrate on your trail instead.

4. The Safety Sense Suite
The Toyota Camry is safer than never before and is suitable for drivers of all ages. The safety system is installed in each of the Camry models. The features embrace high beams, intuitive cruise control, lane departure warnings with steering assist, and a pre-collision system that is associated with the pedestrian identification.

Other features include the forward collision warning system and a fully automatic emergency braking system. You could also refer to industry knowledge to know how the evolution of car safety has made a difference.

5. Stay Tuned With the Entuned

The 2018 Toyota Camry has so much in store. The new “Entune” feature has made staying connected on the go, easier. An Entune multimedia interface is embedded in the model that is a blend of the app suite and the remote connection. The features include a vehicle finder, remote start control, guest drive control, and door locking and unlocking facility.

Navigation via Scout GPS linked with moving maps is another unique feature embedded on the four-cylinder and the hybrid Camry.

Looking at the five unique Toyota Camry facts, you would know what makes the model so special. A complete package vehicle that has embraced technological advancements well; The Toyota Camry surely has a long way to go.

Re: These Are Toyota Camry Facts You May Not Know – A Peek Into The Unknown

By: emmy156 |Time : August 04, 2018, 12:35:46 AM

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