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Date: May 09, 2021, 09:00:21 PM


How important is agriculture to our community?: Agriculture : - Nigeria's Premier Online Forum


How important is agriculture to our community?

By: nblinks |Time : April 08, 2019, 02:10:22 AM
Sometimes I wonder what has happen to agriculture as a business in our nation.

In the world we live today, agriculture is playing an effective role in our every activities. From the food we eat to the cloth we wear; even, many country’s economy and her Gross Domestic Product (GDP) depend largely on the outputs of agriculture. For this reason and many more, we will look into the importance of agriculture in our economy and individual lives.

Well, I still see agriculture as one of the best business venture any Nigerian can go into; not only does it provide use with food, but also play an important role in the economic development of Nigeria.

Why do I think so?
Well.... here is my view and I will appreciate your comments on it.

1. Agriculture as a source of livelihood

Without food, hardly will anyone survive. The crops and animals from our farms provide us with nutrients needed to have a healthy life.

Agriculture plays an important role as the source of livelihood for each and everyone of us; without it, our existence will not have been possible. In addition, more 90 % of the people directly rely on agriculture as a mean of living; by eating the products from farms or selling farm products.

By and large, more than 85% of the people living in rural area of most countries are directly involve agriculture; making it a source of livelihood for them. In fact, this is what majority of them know how to do best since they were born into this world.

If it is important to these people, then what impact does it have on the urban population?

People living in urban areas depend mainly on the supplies from our rural areas. This is an advantage to those living in the rural area.

2. Nation Contributor to Nigeria Economy

Since agriculture create employment for the people, it is directly or indirectly contributing to the country economic development. In fact, it help in raising the level of national income (these people pay tax to the government) and at the same time, it give individual a better standard of living.

By and large, agriculture plays a significant role in all the process of economic development of a country.

For example, it role has already been felt in the economic prosperity of advanced countries such as the United State of America, United Kingdom, Germany and many more.

Now, it is time for the governments of developing countries to embrace agriculture as a way to make a significant improvement to their economy.

Other benefits to our community includes

3. Source of Raw Material.

4. Basis of Economic Development.

5. Contribution to Foreign Exchange Resources.

6. Employment Opportunities.

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